Parrish Creative , A full service design firm

Our Head Honcho, Kimberly

Kimberly Parrish has been designing graphic materials since the time before the first apple (Computer, that is). She knows what to do and how to work with you. With a BA in Design from UC Davis, she utilizes her traditional study of art and design and incorporates that with modern, up-to-date technology and a fresh artsy style. When not working on design projects she likes to surf, play music, make art, hike in the Sierras and enjoy the California Sun.

Our Team

We can’t do it alone. We have a team of professionals who help us at every turn. From web programmer to video editor and copywriter all the way to bookkeeper, we make sure we’re covered so you are too.
Mary Suzette Weeks is our primary web developer. She is a techie who is also a sharp designer. What a combo – hard to find!
Most all of the photos on this sight are by RR Jones except the portfolio images. We love him know that his work is top-notch, is fun to work with and we refer him to our clients all the time.
We use local printers when we can and always shop local first. We are proud members of Think Local First, Santa Cruz County.

Our Clients

We love our loyal clients new and old. They treat us right and we do the same. We like their style and they like ours. That’s why we both keep coming back for more. Here is a partial list of who we work for.

  • 100 Mile Meals, Romney Dunbar
  • Alert Driving, Inc.
  • ANB Insurance
  • Automation & Entertainment, Inc.
  • Artisans Gallery
  • Agency
  • Benito & Azzaro
  • Bluestone Imports
  • Cabrillo College Extension
  • Caffee Pergolesi
  • Dell Williams Jewelers
  • Dynamic Housecleaning
  • Edfred Corporation, Ltd.
  • ELS Builders
  • Friday Realty
  • Feldner Project
  • Geo H. Wilson, Inc
  • Hansmann Construction, Inc.
  • Iman Lizarazu
  • Jewell’s Home Systems
  • Manfred Luedge Insurance
  • Ginny Mitchell
  • Modern Life Home & Garden
  • Mobile Hydraulics
  • Mr. Toots Coffeehouse
  • Nihal Kaur
  • Pacific Rim Film Festival
  • Project Bike Trip
  • Physicians Medical Group
  • Andrew Purchin
  • Renegade Juggling
  • Sensi-Security
  • Snazzy Productions
  • Vicki Stoddard
  • Steve Joe Reiger
  • Telegenic California
  • Think Local First Santa Cruz County

I have had the opportunity to collaborate with Kimberly Parrish for the last fifteen years. She designed my website, and as a result I have had many successful performances around the world. She is reliable, and always on time. Under extreme time pressure, she produces excellent work, always with a smile and with such ease.

She is great fun to work with, and always shows a wonderful creative process. Kimberly has developed my entire promotional package. The package includes postcards, business cards, posters, tri-fold flyers, banners, and theater tickets. Her artistic layouts are exceptional.

Our working relationship has developed into a true friendship. I would recommend Kimberly Parrish to anyone who is in need of graphic design work. They will find themselves in the right place and in good hands.

Iman Lizarazu
Eccentric Performer